About Us

About Us
realjio is a family business that loves building and completing puzzles.
The word realjio means Play!
Building and crafting 3D Puzzles is for all ages! You are never too old to build or craft. realjio’s products are suitable for all ages.
Whether you used to play with LEGO, DUPLO, Playmobil or K'NEX each of these provide an educational premise and stimulates by building and getting that satisfaction when completed. 3D Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind!
Our wooden 3D Puzzles are kits and are not just any wooden works of art. Many of our kits are not standing still and have moveable action feature.
Besides being beautiful, a number of our kits also really have a function. This way you can actually PLAY with your puzzle. Some also come with music boxes, solar energy to move by themselves or manually move them on your own.
It is entirely up to you which kit you like to build the most. Even with your son, daughter, father, mother, nephew, niece, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. realjio is for everyone - and anyone can Play! We would love to welcome you to realjio.com!